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Re: Craving more info re: loop NY

great timing:  http://loopNY.com has the details as of late last night!

>(From Tom R's original message)
>>I'll send a further message with the address,
>>phone number and exact times.   We'll have
>>the web site up with the details before I make
>>an official announcement.
>A few questions/requests:
>1)  Do you see this as a string of solo performances, or multi-person
>improvisations, or what?  I haven't performed publicly since 1974, and 
>been a few years since I did any playing with other people.  So I was
>thinking of showing up with the intent of playing a supporting role (perc.
>and pads, maybe)  for a looping guitar or sax whiz.

multi-person improvisations where the number of persons
ranges from zero up.

The idea is to keep it VERY informal and quite quiet.
I want people to be able to actually play with new ideas
and program their gear on stage without feeling bad about it.

I'm anticipating that quite a lot of the time there
will be just a few loops decaying.

>2) Will line outs from the board be available?

I have two XLR outs that could be used...

>How actively will the board
>person be, um, boarding?  (Thing I'm imagining:  My Korg ES-1 would be
>perfect for this sort of gig, EXCEPT it doesn't have a line-out cutoff to
>enable one to preview and trim the sample using headphones.  If there's
>somebody sitting at the board, I could make hand gestures to have the ES-1
>cut out, and later, cut back in.  Otherwise, the wise thing would be for 
>to bring a mixer for cut-out purposes.)

I'll be on the board fairly actively BUT it's a long haul so
if this is something you are going to do a lot you should
perhaps bring the mixer.  Or, you could just wander over to
the board, cut out your sound, do your stuff, turn it back up...

>3) D'ya have any photos of the place you could share?

Dang, no.  I brought a digital camera last time I was there,
I should have gotten some pics but I didn't.

Small, lots of various shaped chairs, a small stage about
two or three feet up, a little kitchen in there.

>4) And who's thinking of showing up?  (I'm kinda up in the air on this --
>issues of what can I carry on the train and all ...)

 From this list we have myself and David Beardsley who have
informally confirmed.  There will be stvjns from Chama
and there will be other friends of mine dropping by to
play but no confirmed names yet...

I have to say that I have NO idea what sort of crowd we'll
get.  I will pull out most of the stops (fliers, list advertising,
eventually honest-to-God print advertising!) and sometimes that
works and sometimes that doesn't.  When I ran bunker:extreme
at the Knitting Factory, we had good crowds initially and then
the last two were dreadful (though they DID occur on the night
of the World Series and the dreadful election, however...)

There will be people there though.  It will be a lot of fun.
There will be gear and we can play with it "live".



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