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Digitech PDS 2000 and 8000

Hi everyone.  I'm new here so all apologies if I do something wrong...

I had a couple questions to ask everyone.

I got the PDS 2000 last night brand new, but being the way I am, I had to
open up the back and mess with the pots.  Unfortunately, I'm having trouble
getting it back to exactly what the factory settings were.

What I mean is that  before I messed with it, when I would sample something
in G at the most counter-clockwise position, and then trigger it with the
rate turned all the way clockwise, it would give me a way slowed down sound
still in G.

Now when I turn it all the way, it give me an E (when originally sampling a
G), which is about as close I can get it...so some help here would be

My other question is...does anyone have a PDS 8000 for sale?
Gene Park
Loaded Dreams