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Re: Loopstock Update 02-13-02

I've got some questions.  Are we each getting 30 min of play time, or does
that 30 take into account the time it takes to switch from one act to
another?  With that many artists, how are we going to be able to set up
beforehand, and keep it set up until we play?  Will there be space?  I 
need time to set up, and if the 30 min includes set up, I'm going to have 
bow out, as it takes at least that to make my non self contained rig 
Sure, that's a fun performance art piece, but it ain't about music.  In my
opinion, if something has to give, why not get rid of the loop demos?  I'm
totally interested in seeing how other people use their loopers, but if
something has to give, there is where I'd trim.

Mark Sottilaro