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Re: new echoplexer: wanna copy loop and then change it

Title: Re: new echoplexer: wanna copy loop and then change it
Thanks for responding!
Ok, I was using LoopCopy=Snd. I tried not playing until the other copies were made but it did'nt work for me. Is there something IU'm missing?
This may seem like a silly question, but how do you go back to loop 1 instead of the next loop?

try LoopCopy=Off, SwitchQuant=CYC and press Next right after the Loopend. Then, while all LEDs are brown (loop did not switch yet), you can step through the loops till back to 1 (or longNext) and then press Multiply to make the copy. All this has to happen before the next loop end, because then the switching happens. If thats too stressy for you, try SwitchQuant=Cnf (in the upgrade, we will have the combinations: CycleConfirm and LoopConfirm).

take it easy and loop as you can!

Bradley Fish
  Matthias Grob <matthias@grob.org> wrote:
Bradley Fish asks:
>I just got my echoplex digital pro and lovin' it. OK, so I am a
>happy but confused newbie. I am able to copy a loop into successive
>loops, but then it keeps copying so all my loops sound identical.

do you use LoopCopy=Snd or Next-Multiply (with SwitchQuant=Cnf/Cyc) ?

>I WANT to copy a simple percussion pattern into each loop as a
>pulse, and then make each loop different from there.

As I understand, you get the copy of loop 1 in loop 2 as you want,
but then in loop 3 you get the copy of loop 2 (with another layer of
sound) instead of loop 1. Is that it?
If so, there are two ways:
- go back to loop 1 before you create loop 3
- dont play while you create the copies of loop 1 in loop 2 and then
loop 3 and only add more sound (with overdub or multiply) after the
copies are made.


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