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Re: new echoplexer: wanna copy loop and then change it

Thanks for responding!

Ok, I was using LoopCopy=Snd. I tried not playing until the other copies were made but it did'nt work for me. Is there something IU'm missing?

This may seem like a silly question, but how do you go back to loop 1 instead of the next loop?


Bradley Fish


  Matthias Grob <matthias@grob.org> wrote:

Bradley Fish asks:
>I just got my echoplex digital pro and lovin' it. OK, so I am a
>happy but confused newbie. I am able to copy a loop into successive
>loops, but then it keeps copying so all my loops sound identical.

do you use LoopCopy=Snd or Next-Multiply (with SwitchQuant=Cnf/Cyc) ?

>I WANT to copy a simple percussion pattern into each loop as a
>pulse, and then make each loop different from there.

As I understand, you get the copy of loop 1 in loop 2 as you want,
but then in loop 3 you get the copy of loop 2 (with another layer of
sound) instead of loop 1. Is that it?
If so, there are two ways:
- go back to loop 1 before you create loop 3
- dont play while you create the copies of loop 1 in loop 2 and then
loop 3 and only add more sound (with overdub or multiply) after the
copies are made.


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