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Re: Handsonic looping (was Re: finally, loop NY)

on 2/10/02 5:44 PM, just john at just-john@just-john.com wrote:

> I have the Emu card of that soundset in my XL-7.  It has looping
> capabilites of its own, vastly superior to the Handsonic (tho I didn't 
> the Handsonic for its looping or sequencing.) It also features a
> goofy-looking "keyboard" -- actually rubber pads -- for direct note
> entry/playing.

How is the XL-7? I've contemplated replacing my MC-505 with an XL-7.

The things I like about my MC-505:

* The phrase sequencer is fun for live playing in a way that's a bit more
interesting than just muting and unmuting tracks.

The main thing I dislike about my MC-505:

* I hate having to stop the sequencer to do things like save a pattern.

I've also been tempted by the Machinedrum, but that's moving in rather a
different direction.