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Re: Handsonic looping (was Re: finally, loop NY)

>I've used the sequencer in the Handsonic this way. (Warning: Don't leave 
>sitting in record mode with recording active. I managed to fill up memory
>doing this and the machine became rather unhappy.) I find it quite 
>however, that there's no provision for erasing elements let alone live 
>construction options like multiply. And as you also noted, it's 
>that you can't switch parts while recording using the sequencer.

Over in the Hansonics egroup, I'm slowly compiling a wish list for future
Handsonic software releases and/or Handsonic Mark II.  This'll be on it.

>A really good MIDI looper could do so much. After all, the data rates are 
>lot smaller than the rates for audio. Some of the things I would like in a
>good MIDI looper include:

Most of what you're talking about could probably be done via Performer.

>P.S. On top of this, I really wish I had a better way to map my Handsonic 
>the sounds in my Emu Planet Earth. The Emu box has some really great 
>in it but it's going relatively unused because it's proven somewhat
>inconvenient to access from a control standpoint.

I have the Emu card of that soundset in my XL-7.  It has looping
capabilites of its own, vastly superior to the Handsonic (tho I didn't get
the Handsonic for its looping or sequencing.) It also features a
goofy-looking "keyboard" -- actually rubber pads -- for direct note

As for MIDI mapping, I still want to see a little box that does that job.

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