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Re: contact microphones - how?

As it has already been suggested- Microphones and speakers are much the
same thing only going in opposite directions (rip apart a microphone and
you'll see a little speaker).  So I often use one for the other.  I've used
headphone pieces as microphones.  I've used small walkman external speakers
as electric drumsticks beating against my chest and knees.  You could take
an earpiece from the earplug type headphones and use it as a mic.  That's
what I would use.  Please be merciful to critters in all cases.

This item is ancient so I doubt it's available now: A friend gave me a
little thing with a 1/4" jack on one end and a little plastic disk on the
other and he said it was a speaker for listening to self-improvement audio
tapes through your pillow.  Using it as a microphone I tied it to a spring
clamp from a hardware store and made a squeaking gate sound effect for a
radio play.  I guess that's a "contact" use.

I don't know what a bone conduction mic is.  But it brings up a thought - I
wonder if you could adapt a mic with a stethoscope for internal body

Rocky (new on list)