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Re: Percusive Loopers

Well, I'm not sure if I'm doing "real-time" looping.  I use a 
combination as well as a Roland Handsonic (you should check this out!!) 
with a
Repeater.  What I do is create a rhythm track, and then layer guitar, 
synths on top
of it.  Of start with guitar and layer percussion onto it. Once I get a 
bed of 2, 3,
4 parts, I jam along with it on guitar or synth.   I'm doing fairly 
traditional "lay
down a track at a time" as opposed to evolving compositions.  I really 
love the feel
of both the Zendrum and the Handsonic - very responsive.

How are you using your setup, Alan?  What do you do with *two* Zendrums? :)



     Anybody out there doing any *real-time* looping with either acoustic 
     electronic drums/percussion?

     Here's my set-up:

     2/Zendrums  ( http://www.zendrum.com )
     Alesis DM-Pro
     Behringer FCB1010