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Axon midi converter

I own the Axon AX100.  It is very responsive (well, at least to a 
turtle-speed picker
like myself!!).  It also tracks note and pitchbend very well.  It *does* 
require a
fair amount of fiddlin' to get it setup, but once you have it tweaked 
properly, it
works like a charm.  The feature set on it is incredible.  You can assign 
strings to different channels, set up 3 (I think?) different zones on the 
neck.  It
has a built in arpeggiator, hold function, etc, etc.  I haven't even 
scratched the
surface with mine!  They are rather pricey, but I think it's a case of 
getting what
you pay for.  The Axon  pickup, on the other hand is cheap junk (the Axon 
require a hexaphonic pickup with 13-pin connector).  I have a Roland 
that's supposed to arrive tomorrow; hopefully a better piece of gear.


     I have HEARD that the Axon system is great. J. McLaughlin uses it and 
     plays very fast at times to say the least- it also seems to have some 
     ass features like setting up different midi zones on the same string!
     Supposed to use "neural network" hardware or something like that-