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Re: pedalboard wiring: layout and noise issues

I found the headrush to be my only noisey pedal,
so i have that last,  if i take it out of the chain it's dead silent,
and i use 12 pedals.  when i get my repeater, the headrush
will get drop kicked across the room.

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From: "Paul Sullivan" <paulsull@gis.net>
To: <Loopers-Delight@loopers-delight.com>
Sent: Tuesday, December 04, 2001 6:29 AM
Subject: pedalboard wiring: layout and noise issues

> Hello all,
> A while ago there was a pedalboard thread going here. I'm in the process
> trying to put together a pedalboard for my (at present) 9 pedal setup,
> including Headrush, PDS-8000, and Boomerang (so we're on topic). I've 
> across some problems and wonder if any of you have experienced same,
> have any solutions.
> Most of these run through the effects loop in my Carvin Nomad tweed amp.
> cables from effects send and return seem to act as antennas, and can pick
> a lot of hum depending where they are placed (near AC cords, or near some
> wall-warts is usually the worst). I've tried different cables, including
> George L, and it gets no better. This will obviously affect the layout of
> send/return cables, as well as placement of the (inevitable) power strip
> needed for my 4 wall-warts, as well as 2 line 6 plugs. Most pedalboards
> seen have the power strip on board, but I haven't yet found a good
> (noise-free) spot for it.
> Signal chain at present is:
> Effects send--headrush--DL4--MM4--Boomerang--PDS8000--(sometimes into 
> volume probe)--effects return. There is also a Voodoo labs Pedal Power 
> power the PDS and a tuner), located behind the line of pedals.
> I'm also using two Digitech Whammy pedals at present (XP-100 and space
> Station), which seem to work better between guitar and amp, not in 
> loop. The problem there is the gain structures--going from Space Station
> XP-100 to amp it's tough to get just enough signal to properly drive each
> pedal (so I'm getting green on the input lights). This also raises noise
> level slightly, and in combination w/ noise from the effects loop, is
> to be annoying. I'm trying to avoid using a noise gate (too many pedals
> already).
> I'm also looking for a way to build my own pedalboard. I'm intrigued by
> pedaltrain concept--lightweight aluminum-type rails. Does anyone know
> to locate this (or other desirable type ) of stock?
> So that's it. In a nutshell, the problems are:
> -placement of effects send/return cables--avoiding ac lines/power strips
> -minimizing noise, both between effects in effects loop, and those
> into amp.
> -pedalboard stock
> Any Ideas? Have any of you successfully dealt with any of these issues?
> Thanks,
> Paul