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Re: pedalboard wiring: layout and noise issues

> So that's it. In a nutshell, the problems are:
> -placement of effects send/return cables--avoiding ac lines/power strips

I would try to focus in on what makes the most noise and put it last in the
chain before the send cable back to the amp.  Also trying different 
with the trim pots on the Digitech(s) and the Boomerang.  My Boomerangs 
can be
noisy if I don't stay on the trim knobs on the back.  Sounds like you 
the obvious, i.e. good quality patch cords, separation of the power cables,
etc.  I use a Spinal Tappish dual level setup with a raised section for 
Synth and little stomp boxes, lower level for Line6 pedals and digitech 
It is a pain to move but looks way cool.  Power strips, wall warts, extra 
all fit underneath the upper level.  Haven't had any noise problems with 
Two Boomerangs go on a separate board next to this one.  BTW how do you 
like the
Space Station?  I've been thinking about picking one up.

> -minimizing noise, both between effects in effects loop, and those 
> into amp.

> -pedalboard stock


> Any Ideas? Have any of you successfully dealt with any of these issues?
> Thanks,
> Paul