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Re: self promotion?

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>>  So you want to know what I thought:
>>  It sounds similar to the loops I made on the Roland 3000 in '85, just
>>  that from the start, I had a volume pedal in the FeedBack insert, so
>>  I had a way to fade out of the story and grow into the next... and it
>>  rather sounds like the ones I trashed because I thought it was curing
>>  to do it but less for someone to listen to... but I may be wrong!
>and which track was that?

"Jeremy..." (by the way: its easy to find a soft that allows you to 
fill the mp3 tags with your info, a really nice feature!)

>just curious as I like to post all comments made on the site there for all
>to read

oh, wait, that text of mine is not smart enough!

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>>  keep looping!
>>  Matthias
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