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RE: Repeater Info please

   I went to pricewatch and ordered it there for around $90.00.  I went to 
the Sam's Club (local) and found it there for $60.00 but I didn't purchase 
it since I already ordered one.  If they are the same I will inform the 
list, Sam's had them in stock which really bothered me after I order it 
it's only money....  The Repeater is wonderful with the Echoplex in the 
effects loop!


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I went to www.PCStop.com


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Where did all you repeater guys get your SimpleTech Compact card memory
online? good price?

Can,t find off the shelf here in Norway. Actually, i couldnt get Repeater
here either, had to order it.
But if any of you want Moose, or Rotten Fish or pig fat (or other Norsk
Christmas food, it can be arranged)

MArk Red

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