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RE: Repeater Info please


        I ordered a Simpletech 128MB from costco.com for $93 which included
the reader, which I didn't really need because I had already bought one.
The very same day I found out from a friend that Sam's Club had them so I
cancelled my order with costco and went to Sam's.  Sam's is selling them
for $64.98 but you get a $10 rebate on top of that (Rebate is good until
Nov 29).  However the card I bought was one of those that wouldn't format
so I mailed it to Electrix on Saturday for an exchange. So the total comes
to around $60 after rebate plus tax and cost of mailing back to Electrix.
I don't know if Electrix ever figured out which particular batches of
Simpletech 128MB CFCs won't work in Repeater.


>   I went to pricewatch and ordered it there for around $90.00.  I went to
>the Sam's Club (local) and found it there for $60.00 but I didn't purchase
>it since I already ordered one.  If they are the same I will inform the
>list, Sam's had them in stock which really bothered me after I order it 
>it's only money....  The Repeater is wonderful with the Echoplex in the
>effects loop!