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Re: just to set the record straight

David Beardsley wrote:

> There's nothing low carb about bread.  dBon Adkins diet for two
> years * David Beardsley
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>      From: Mark Sottilaro
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>      Sent: Wednesday, November 21, 2001 8:16 PM
>      Subject: Re: just to set the record straight
>       Ha! But is was I who invented the reverse turkey sandwich,
>      two pieces of turkey with bread in between. Good for low
>      carb diets.
>      Mark


i think that's why there's only one slice of it. you see, in a typical
sandwich there's two slices of bread which means more carbohydrates, and
with the addition of turkey then you've got extra protein, which
balances out the carbohydrates and makes for stronger muscles. the milk
that usually goes along with the sandwich contains calcium, which is
good for bones. but if you drink whole milk there's extra fat which
makes for circulatory system problems if consumed habitually. it also
can contribute to lactose intolerance and a host of other conditions.
but if you round out the meal with left-over cranberry sauce (assuming
its been properly refrigerated to avoid botulism) you will be doing your
urinary tract a favor. cranberries are also high in vitamin c, which is
good for the immune system. too much vitamin c can lead to cancer
though, so go easy on the sauce. actually, you'd be better off just
sitting on the couch and not eating anything.

happy thanksgiving, pilgrims!

lance g.