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New Looper Sub-Category OH YEAH!!!

David Beardsley said, in post subject "Re: just to set the record 
straight" ...
> There's nothing low carb about bread.
> dB
> on Adkins diet for two years

DUDE!!! me too ...

I think we've just found a new Ambient sub-category ... Atkin's Ambient
Revolution. We are the newest breed of special-interest minority looper.
Probably even smaller than the Retro Oliveros-cum-Frippertronics On 
Period Equipment minority looping category.

ONLY loopers who are on his concept of the low-carbohydrate diet.

DUDE!!! We could even have like a Midwest Lo-Carb Loopfest. We'll hold it 
Jim's Steakhouse here in Peoria IL, and get Bob Atkins to underwrite it!! 
any ideas?

Man, I'm getting stoked already!

Eric Williamson