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Roland Octapad II + Jamman users?

Hi All,

Anyone using a Roland Octapad II with a Jamman?
I have an Octapad II that my drummer is trying to use to trigger the 
Jamman with.
Unfortunately, we have no Octapad manual.

For each pad there is a menu option to send program changes (in addition 
to note, velocity, etc), but when I try, for instance, to set Pad 1 to 
send a Program Change 2 on Midi Channel 1, the Jamman does nothing.  
Curiously, using the Patch Change buttons (not pads) on the lower right 
of the Octapad evokes the proper Jamman response.  What's the deal?  Its 
seems like such a perfect solution for our band - having a drummer hit 
Octapad pads to control tap and reset on the Jamman.  Anyone else doing 
this or something similar?  Any help here is much appreciated....Thanks!