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Loop and Micro Show in Phila Tomorrow night

I'm playing a weird show in a weird place tomorrow night (Wed 11/21/01)
in Philadelphia. I just moved and all my gear is in pieces and/or boxes
so this show will be just nord micromodular, Korg ER1, and Korg Kaoss
pad. The kicker (well for me anyway) is I'm going to be sequencing
everything live with mini music's Beatpad software for the palm pilot.
(www.minimusic.com)  Just to add some spice I may also be bringing out
the nanoloop and using theremini (on the palm) as well.

There will be looping, layering, live manipulation of the sounds, etc. I
did some rehearsals this weekend and that frickin' nord micro
modular/palm pilot combination can do some serious noise and it fits in
coat pocket. *that* is cool.

Here are the particulars if anyone is interested:

Who: David Talento, The Centimeters, the Fourth Dimension
Where: The Project Room 960 N 8th St (At Girard Ave), Phila PA
When: Wednesday Nov 21st 9PM

Should be a seriously good time in an underground music sort of way. If
you come by be sure to say HI. I'll be the guy sitting in a chair
playing with a palm pilot for the first set :)

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