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WWOT: AV production contractor position

Title: RE: kingcrimson in sf-no loop content...
(Apologies in advance to Matt, since I've already been soliciting him)
Hi all,
    This is about as off topic as it gets, but given the current economic climate, expecially in Silicon Valley, I am sure you understand.
I have an 20 hour contractor position open doing streaming media work in Sunnyvale. You'll get to play with Sound Forge and Vegas all day, and stream live video broadcasts from Hong Kong to Dubai. We are looking for someone we can ideally groom into a full time position, and ideally with experience building database interactive web pages - dreamweaver Ultradev type work, or other media production related skills - javascript, Flash etc.
I think I have about as good a day job as it gets, and figure that the others on the list would be like-minded. If you know anyone who is would be interested, please forward this to them ASAP, and have them email me at elbizri@juniper.net. I will send them the job description. We are >already< interviewing, so the window >really, really< tight.
    Again, sorry for spamming but if you know as many people who as totally hard up as I do, your probably glad I posted this here. Any questions, comments DO NOT REPLY. Send email to elbizri@juniper.net , off the list.
Jonathan El-Bizri