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Re: Tri-nome: any info available?

Thanks chris, I'm beginning to work with max tomorrow with a teacher...


On 11/18/01 1:34 PM, "Chris Muir" <cbm@well.com> wrote:

> At 12:36 PM -0500 11/18/01, todd reynolds wrote:
>> Hey y'all, question.   Does anyone know of an instrument called a 
>> Which keeps track of multiple rhythmic cycles?  Or where to find one?  
>Or a
>> software equivalent?  Thanks,
> There was one you could play with at the Expolratorium here in San
> Francisco <http://www.exploratorium.edu/>. It may still be there. It
> is a rotating cylinder with several gears with different ratios of
> teeth on it. You had three little levers, each of which was riding on
> one gear. Two of the levers were sort of click sounds, and the other
> one was a ding.
> A software equivalent would be pretty easy to cobble up in Max.
> Chris