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a very nice return/SONIC Snowflakes and then some

---long post alert ---

Hello one and all-
(Dan reference, extra points for naming the song)

Happily re-subscribing after having read the last month or so of posts.

I am finally putting out some of my own music after refining a technique I
call "Snowflaking". Man I just read that post about Belweups, etc.
Thankfully i've been using the term Snowflakes for over two years! I've
finished a few recordings in the last month, rather engaging sounds,
utilizing three delays primarily EDP loaded, Digitech 7.6 and Digitech
PDS8000 (oh and now i've put the RDS8000 back in the rack for the D3
recording). No other processors are used. wait that may be a lie, I think I
have a gated reverb on one track, but now that puppy is out of the rack
also. An occasional wah and distortion is heard, but all the pitching and
delays are done with those three (four) units and played in real time.

Alas I am not into having any of my music (or any of my other art), on-line
in any capacity (this may change, if only to give the list an opportunity 
hear some of my music). But I am attempting a "Will Trade for Art" campaign
and hope to garner some interest and an opportunity to hear/see/experience
creative works of others. My sounds are on compact disc. Basically, i'm
willing to swap my SONIC Snowflaking cd for any  kind of
shippable/non-perishable art.  See paragraph below for more info on this.

silly caveat:
I compose and play what I consider non-competitive music, ya either get it
or ya don't. No reason to feel bad if you don't like it. No reason to make
me feel bad if you don't like it either. Try to think of this music as just
that, music.

- The first recording entitled "SONIC Snowflakes" is a 5 song (58 mins or
so, for those who demand their $$'s worth) disc recorded at my studio
(currently called Spork Studios). This recording is guitar only played in
real time. No  computers were utilized for these recordings. There are no
synths, drums, bass or any other instrument besides guitar on this
recording. You'll know why i'm saying this if ya hear same. A good woman
friend who is very much into current popular music asked me what the
motorcycle sound was on track three. I told her guitar. It was nice to see
her expression.

- The second recording is called AfterMath, one track running 60 mins and
recorded in one take. A six stringed instrument was used in this recording,
just not in a conventional manner. Three delay units are noted above and
nada else. I'm still trying to understand this one myself. But if you like
almost eastern orchestral type music, you may hear (in AfterMath) that I
like that type of music also.
Disclaimer: I love marching bands!

- the third recording is called D3, 9 songs at 72 mins (the recording gods
and goddesses have been very good to me lately). This recording is more in
line of what I call "Industrial Snowflakes". Seven of the nine songs are
guitar only, one is bass only and another had me switching between each. I
played this recently for my best friend who had not seen or heard of me for
a month. He has heard me play more guitar than anyone should, lol, and he
gave me a fine compliment when he heard a track called "Industrious". He
looked me straight in the eye and asked me "what the f*ck are you doing?" I
played live for him in my studio and he listened for close to two hours.
That's the quietest i've seen him in 16 years.

If you'd like to pay for any of these recording, I figure $10USD is more
than enough as the art work on them is budget at best. If I stopped
recording for long enough maybe i'd get some better inserts done. I'll 
shipping stateside and will find the cheapest international rates if they
apply.  Please contact me off list if you're interested. This is all very
home grown, so patience is a plus.

I'm having great fun with music again after feeling like I had not much to
offer for the last five years or so. Well I should say I felt I had nothing
terribly original (that's a scary word for me to use) to offer.

An itty bit of background for those who are still reading. I am a musician
in NYC who in the last three years have played maybe three musical dates. 
that same period I did many spoken word performances and other performance
art. Prior to that and a self-inflicted wound I played and composed in a 
jazz fusion groups, two punk bands, one prog group and a few rock bands in
addition to heaps of home studio recordings that have never been heard
outside of my small circle of friends.

Lastly, if there is a quick and easy way that anyone knows that I can post 
few minutes of any of my recordings, please advise. I've a mighty slow
connection here but am grateful for any insights.

long ass post for one who rarely posts, then again I never had much reason
to post. Until now.

best regards, Pedro Felix aka PedrOOrdeP aka SuperSatan
one half of Stereo Pair - unit I hope to play a few gigs with in Jan. 2002
one half of Abstract/
                  Two Track - unit that will be playing shows by Spring 

Post Script:  I have had very little linear thought lately and for once it
is a good thing.