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Re: Original or 'good'??

 "Steve Lawson" <steve@steve-lawson.co.uk> put forth:

> >>I think it's important to be original - and that's rather crucial
> unless one's only ambition musically is to play cover songs.<<
> Why's that then? It would seem to me that the continuum that stretches
> completely unprecedented innovation through to tribute bands is a little
> more analogue that the above sentence would suggest - would it not even 
> possible to make deeply moving, exquisite music that happened to be
> hopelessly derivative without being 'cover songs'?

The original questions posed about this were polarized in the good vs. bad
mode.  I responded in kind.

The actual response perhaps should have been, "Does it make you happy?  
up and play then!" :)

Stephen Goodman
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