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Frippertronic label - a possible reason?

It occurs to me that we are defining Frippertronics as being only the
physical technique of looping, that the "heartless venal one" was in a
sense putting his copyright/trademark on that technique.

I always thought it was simply a description for the end product, which
wouldn't have existed without the musical input of RF.<<<

why on earth am I getting into this? but anyway...

Perhaps it's just a way of labelling sounds on an album that are made with 
guitar that don't sound like it. When I've done bits of session stuff where
i've used E-Bow and pitch shift to create textural stuff, I've always 
some kind of term that doesn't involve me listing 'e-bow bass, reverbed
bass, strummed bass etc. etc.' or adding some text to someone else's sleeve
notes saying something like 'all the synth sounds on track xxx are on a
bass..' - it'd be much easier to credit me with what I get listed as in one
band 'bass and weirdness', and leave it to people to research it if they
want to know what that's about. For Fripp, perhaps Frippertronics is a way
of claiming those sounds that could've been keyboards or whatever...

...then again, perhaps not