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Re: kingcrimson in sf-no loop content...

At 9:28 AM -0500 11/17/01, Hedewa7@aol.com wrote:
>what exactly is a 'soundscape'?;
>i know that neither eno nor fripp coined that term.

It was used in the academic electronic music community for years 
before Fripp co-opted it.

>what exactly is 'frippertronics', but a description of robert's version of
>techniques that were already in existence when he learnt them?

This is one of my pet peeves, as well. The first use of the classic 
two Revox tape recorder technique that I know of is by Terry Riley. 
He called it his "Time Lag Accumulator". People who think that Fripp 
innovated much tech here should check out "Poppy Nogood and the 
Phantom Band", from the 1969 release "A Rainbow in Curved Air". All 
the techniques of "Frippertronics" are there. Naming something does 
not grant ownership. Eno has been more forthcoming than Fripp on his 
debt to Terry Riley for this technique.

I'm not a Crimson/Fripp/Eno basher, in fact rather a fan of sorts. It 
does bother me though, that they are perceived as creating this 
ambient and tape delay stuff out of thin air.


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