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Re: kingcrimson in sf-no loop content...

> .....well..... i meant to pose a rhetorical question, in order to point 
> that not everyone who uses looping-instruments employs 
> 'soundscapes'/'frippertronics' as their 'model' or 'base'.

Ah, yes - agree strongly.

> >OK - This is my turf. Soundscapes are sound environments, usually 
> >and strongly connected to the original ambient concept stated by Brian
> >Eno:
> >"Ambient Music must be able to accomodate many levels of listening 
> >without enforcing one in particular; it must be as ignorable as it is 
> >interesting."
> with no disrespect meant for b. eno -(far from it, in fact)-, a publicly 
> repeated verbal definition of an aesthetic oeuvre does not necessarily 
> mark the actual genesis of that oeuvre.
> see: k. stockhausen, j. cage, t. riley, etc etc.

I'll disagree here - despite the groundwork laid by Satie, Cage etc...
Brian Eno coined the term "Ambient Music", (loosely) defined its 
declared that he would create a series of Ambient Music albums and then
successfully proceeded to do just that. I think that almost all true 
music since then has its roots in those albums. (I am aware of parallel
work such as Steve Hillage's "Rainbow Dome Music", which is amongst
my many personal influences.) Here's Eno's complete original definition:

> i posed another rhetorical q., then:
> >> what exactly is 'frippertronics', but a description of robert's 
> >of 
> >> techniques that were already in existence when he learnt them?
> and you replied.....
> >That's exactly what it is.
> that's what i think; again, i was responding to how i perceived peter 
> root-assumption, which seemed to imply that all loopists are attempting 
> 'soundscapes/frippertronics'..... which, imo, is erroneous if merely 
> uninformed.

Agree - When Fripp was introduced to the looping systems approach,
he obviously "took to it like a duck to water" and "cut his own path"
with the concepts. His high profile from KC and the high quality
(I'm not talking production) of "No Pussyfooting" and many of his later
works (I'm thinking "A Blessing Of Tears") led to the current 
frippertronics/looping soundscapes - kleenex/tissue paper associations
in so many people's minds. "No Pussyfooting" certainly set the bar high.
(Please pardon my cliche-fest.)

Scott M2