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Re: kingcrimson in sf-no loop content...

>I don't after all have my cd collection/etc. here in the UK, but I recall
>that there was something from Fripp on this during the "Drive to 1984",
>either on the liner notes for (I think) "Under Heavy Manners/God Save the
>Queen" or one of the articles he did for Musician or Guitar Player.  At
>the time lots of us were trying to catch his store performances 
wouldn't know:
i was not amongst the folk trying to catch those performances.
in fact --- wauuugh --- the only times i've heard rf playing 'live' was 
'blue' and kc toured japan, together, 2 years ago --- and, once, the year 
before that, in a studio.

>As we know now there was a lot of necessary maneuvering going on in the
>background, involving what we came to know as "a trilogy", namely the
>unreleased "Sacred Songs", Peter Gabriel's second album (containing
>"Exposure"), and RF's own "Exposure" LP, the last of which has been 
>to be his compilation of sorts of all the material he was working on.
>Tellingly, a lot of the songs on "Sacred Songs" are also on "Exposure",
>though they are mixed a bit differently, and have different vocals/words.
..... i'm not familiar w/that stuff, but for the pg record --- which i 

>On this last one, though, I have to differ.  While the term "soundscape"
>may have existed before being used by Fripp in the solo releases of the
>nineties, it was indeed Fripp that coined the term 
if the term was already in use, then rf didn't 'coin' it.....

>I've never seen a situation where any artist was calling his own tape/line
>loop method "Frippertronics", though.  

>This was somewhat discouraged by
>Fripp as well in an article or two.
ever the pedagogue.....

>Out of sheer fun I called what I started doing with my old DDS 7.6 in 1992
>"SpudTronics", though I never used the word on anything other than my
>QuadraVerb's front panel for patch descriptions.
so, then you do count yourself as one of those who uses 
'soundscapes/frippertronics' as your model, right?
dt / s-c