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Tool time (was Re: belew/kingcrimson-only incidental loop content...)

> >On Fri, 16 Nov 2001, just john wrote:
> >
> >I'm sort of interested to find out what is meant by Belew's credit for
> >"drill guitar" on the recent Tori Amos album.

You can see AB's drill talents in the live Crimson video - Live in Japan
from the "double-trio" tour of 1995-96. My jaw drops everytime I watch that
vid. He's essentially doing the same thing as Van Halen did in Poundcake.
Holding the drill near the pickups which causes the vibration of the string
and essentially sounds like it's described - a combination of the sound of 
drill and guitar.

Now what you really need to hear is the chainsaw solo in Jackyl's - The
Lumberjack. The music is attrocious. Appalling bad hard rock from the early
90's, but hearing a guy play a chainsaw solo in tune was at least

Simon Kean
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