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RE: Repeater

Go to www.pricewatch.com

I bought my Simple Technologies 128MB card from PCStop.com for about 90
bucks.  The card formatted in about 10 or 15 seconds and has performed
flawlessly ever since.  It's the only brand to get because Electrix
guarantees it.  Due to current technology, there is a chance that the card
you receive might not format.  Just send it to Electrix and they will give
you a working card.  Remember, if it doesn't format immediately, send it to
them.  Don't make yourself nuts trying to get it to work.


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Hi All!,
    I just ordered a new Repeater from Sixtecycle.com for $525.00 + $8.00
for shipping.  I am very excited and can hardly wait to get it.  I've 
the list since purchasing an Echoplex several months ago.  I missed several
discussions on the smart cards and was wondering which ones work the best 
the Repeater and where is the cheapest store to purchase one?  I just
received shipment of the Alesis Air FX and wow is it cool.  I will write a
review when I finish evaluating it but it seems like it will be a wonderful
addition to my arsenal.  I am curious to hear how it will work with the

Thanks from a lurker,


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