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Re: Repeater

There is a list on Electric's website of recommended CFC cards.  I 
purchased a
Simpletech 128 card (on the list) and it wouldn't format.  Electrix
acknowledged the problem, had me send it to them and they exchanged it for 
working one.  Not sure what was wrong with it, but it was fixed very 
Not sure if they're still doing this service.


The Weg wrote:

> Hi All!,
>     I just ordered a new Repeater from Sixtecycle.com for $525.00 + $8.00
> for shipping.  I am very excited and can hardly wait to get it.  I've 
> the list since purchasing an Echoplex several months ago.  I missed 
> discussions on the smart cards and was wondering which ones work the 
>best in
> the Repeater and where is the cheapest store to purchase one?  I just
> received shipment of the Alesis Air FX and wow is it cool.  I will write 
> review when I finish evaluating it but it seems like it will be a 
> addition to my arsenal.  I am curious to hear how it will work with the
> repeater.
> Thanks from a lurker,
> Weg
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