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Loop-heavy show in NYC


Sorry this is so damn late notice, but I've been puttin' this show up for
the last couple of weeks...  All the details are on my website, but for 
if you haven't heard of Phil Kline yet, he's the ultimate looping composer
these days.  He can well stand alongside of reich with his innovation and
music.  He's the boombox guy, and here is his website...  I've been trying
to turn him on to the list for a while now...  So now I turn you all on to


Anyway, I'm doing four of 24 planned Looping Etudes which he is writing for
me, plus 3 of my own looping tunes, plus music of Evan Ziporyn and looping
by vocalist Theo Bleckmann.  Should be fun, if you attend, please come and
say hi...

Details at http://www.toddreynolds.com

Under 'Still Life with Mic'...  Here is a quote...

"Downtown violinist, improviser and composer Todd Reynolds presents Still
Life With Mic (microphone), an ongoing exploration of the nature of
contemporary performance; navigating between electrifying performances of
recent new music works, structured improvisations, and spontaneous
experiments in music, text and movement. The format owes as much debt to TV
news magazines and web browsing as it does to a typical new music concert.
The format evolves out of Reynolds search for a home for his own music and
the music that inspires him, and out of his experience in and leaning 
interdisciplinary performance."

Thanks for reading...   AND I LOVE MY T-SHIRT!!!!!!  thanks you guys...

Todd Reynolds