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SV: EDP in Repeater FX Loop?

> -----Ursprungligt meddelande-----
> Från: Gary Lehmann [mailto:healthquestrecruiter@earthlink.net]

>Is anyone using the Echoplex Digital Pro in the effects loop of the
> Repeater?

Not yet. But the concept looks deep. I really have to try it out for some
time. For the moment I'm more into putting them in parallel, going from my
instrument into a switch blade that directs the signal to either the EDP or
the Repeater.

But I'm pretty sure that I always want to use the EDP as the sync master 
have the Repeater slaving. This makes sense to me since the EDP to me is
more like "an instrument" and the Repeater like "a four track
recorder/effect processor". That way I can have them both spinning in with
the tempo I start playing in. I had a big problem with this when using only
the Repeater. And with this setting you can mangle tempo and pitch in the
Repeater (the mighty cc 14 trick) and still have them coming back into 
I'm still amazed that the Repeater manages to catch up :-)

Another thing I'm experimenting with is using a slaved midi sequencer with
controller data for the Repeater (no midi notes, only pan, pitch and
volume). This sequencer only plays a two bar pattern and I use it to induce
the following dynamical effects to three Repeater tracks:
(1) Pitch down one octave (having bass line coming back to the right pitch
after messing around with the "cc 14").
(2) 1/16 tremolo (percussively gated - volume 0/64) together with panning
(3) 1/12 tremolo (not too gated - volume 50/64)

The EDP and Repeater used together seems to be a great combo! Thinking
about stomping away on an "Ibanez Hold Delay" back in 1984... well, this is
more fun :-D

All the best

per boysen