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Re: EDP in Repeater FX Loop?

on 11/13/01 5:26 PM, Gary Lehmann at healthquestrecruiter@earthlink.net

> Howdy Loop Cowboys--
> I can't decide which way to go with my next looper purchase--maybe 
> EDP?  Is anyone using the Echoplex Digital Pro in the effects loop of the
> Repeater?  Is this a good way to go for a second looper?
> Also, any satisfied D-Two/EDP users?
> I eagerly await the EDP upgrade . . .
> Gary
> PS  Broke out the Ztar--Interesting controller for looping--nice for 
> stuff.

I find the Repeater (now with OS 1.1, fixing the synch bugs that plagued 
initial release) to be a great looper, and the effects loop function IS
AMAZING!  Simple, but so powerful.  The ability to place the effects before
or after the loop is great.  As I'm playing with the effects set to after
loop, my signal is dry until it's first time around.  I really dig dialing
up some random patch in my Lexicon Vortex and being surprised at what
happens.  Fun.  If I want to save what I'm doing, there is a resample that
saves the effect to the loop, or you can have the effects at the imput, and
effect what you're playing.  Fun fun fun.

Mark Sottilaro