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[loop NY] next plan: a full day? (in a loft? (out of Manhattan?))

I think the three day thing didn't work, so let's propose another:

1. a full day so we can set up and give a lot of people a chance to play
    even if there's no audience yet except other loopers.

2. perhaps a loft space rather than a club?

3. if a loft space, perhaps out of Manhattan?

4. We use someone else's party-throwing system

I looked through all the posts we've had on this, and this one
made a lot of sense to me.

From: AaroneousAG@aol.com  Oct 10

>   Another option is to rent a loft space for a night and charge 
>admission - DUMBO maybe?
>My roomate is a video projection artist who loops in the visual 
>spectrum.  Maybe we can expand the theme beyond audio, and make a 
>REPETITION FEST, where we could have photo montage artwork on the 
>walls, looped video on the ceilings, and looped music all around.

This has a lot of appeal IF we could hook up with people who were
already doing this.  There are a LOT of spaces out of Manhattan
where groups regularly run art parties with music and that sort of thing.

I don't want to get into the business of renting a Dumbo space...
they are really large and quite expensive (thousands of dollars
a night in many cases...)

I think that IF we go this route we want to get a large, private
loft where we play at someone else's loft space and they handle
the door, beer consumption, etc.

I go to a TON of these... in weird parts of the city, like
Flushing and East Williamsburg (though not Staten Island)
and they are usually PACKED -- good spaces, good sound systems,
young intelligent crowds, amazing!

We could do the setup in the morning and play all day and
have specific shows at night.  The space'd probably have
specific DJs they wanted at points -- it'd be partly informal...

A lot of them like Rubulad won't let people advertise but
we can tell our friends and a lot of cool people show up




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