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Re: [loop NY] next plan: a full day? (in a loft? (out ofManhattan?))

>I think that IF we go this route we want to get a large, private
>loft where we play at someone else's loft space and they handle
>the door, beer consumption, etc.
>I go to a TON of these... in weird parts of the city, like
>Flushing and East Williamsburg (though not Staten Island)
>and they are usually PACKED -- good spaces, good sound systems,
>young intelligent crowds, amazing!
>We could do the setup in the morning and play all day and
>have specific shows at night.  The space'd probably have
>specific DJs they wanted at points -- it'd be partly informal...
>A lot of them like Rubulad won't let people advertise but
>we can tell our friends and a lot of cool people show up

I like it..

I'm in Ansonia, CT, and tho in the past I've hosted weekend gatherings of
Roleplaying Gamers from all over the place (we met via CompuServe, back in
the day), I can't do the same for loopers 'cuz the electrical system in
this house is pretty darned bad.  (Hence my track "Surge" which is about
"that guy whose whole studio was connected to only two outlets in his
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