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RE: Repeater Memory & Flash Cards?

I'm pretty sure there is an 8 minute loop limit Mark.  I'm not sure about
the manual, and I have yet to record an 8 minute loop, but I saw this on 
site and heard it direct from tech support when I called them.  I was
disappointed because I wanted to my Repeater to also act as a standard
digital recorder (i.e. 256MB card recording up to 50 minutes of
uninterrupted music).  But I was told that it wasn't possible to do that.

If this limitation does not exist or if they solve this limitation, the
Repeater could double as a digital record for non-looped jam sessions and
gigs (with enough memory, of course).  Cool eh?


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on 11/3/01 11:11 AM, Greg Waltzer at gwaltzer@optonline.net wrote:

> A 128M CFC will give you about 24 minutes of recording time.
> I believe there is also a limit of 8 minutes per loop.
> WAM wrote:
>> Hi, I'm new to looping machines outside of a computer & am interested in
>> the Repeater.

I went through the manual, and didn't find anything about an 8 minute limit
per loop.  As far as I can tell, if you've got the memory, you can go 
much to it's end, give or take a little for the extra files the Repeater
uses to identify a loop.

Mark Sottilaro