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Re: mic rant, and then i'll disappear again. i swear.

anti:clockwise wrote:

> trouble is, you'll only know by living with it in a variety of
> situations for a little while, and even then - you'll need other mics
> to form a basis for comparison. most mics exhibit coloration. hell,
> that's why you choose them! is the coloration of a given mic working
> for you in a given situation? can't tell you how often i break out a
> couple of tiny, plastic mics i have that came with original-issue mono
> cassette recorders (yknow, the mics with the "start/stop" switches on
> em?) cause they have a certain, special sound.
> ok, not a very GOOD sound.... but when it's the RIGHT sound....

Hey, I just got done reading a pretty decent article in last months
Electronic Musician about this very subject.

And while I'm at it, one of the best cheap mic values I've ever come
across is the $50 RadioShack PZM.  If you come across one in your
travels, pick it up.