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mic rant, and then i'll disappear again. i swear.

From: "diatom drone" <skincage@infin8ty.com>

is this a good mic for sampling in general?

i am sorry to say, when it comes to microphones there really, really is no "general".


life would be much easier if this were not true - but imho, if you are going to spend any meaningful portion of the time you have on earth devoted to this pursuit of recording, _please_ consider the parallel devotion to the slow, methodical accumulation of a decent mic collection.

think of it like stamps, coins, masterworks in oil, whatever you got to do, but embrace that concept.

yes, you'll use the C1000S. it'll work for you, yes. then one day you're going to be at some studio that has a pair of earthworks omnis and you're gonna wonder where you've been all your life.

i've been collecting junk to make acoustic instruments out of and all i have is an sm57

ALL you have? again - mho, and please note that it, and a token, will get you on the subway - but if you have but one mic in your life it is so totally the one to have. let no one sully the honor of the noble 57. you can do lots, lots worse.

so i've been putting it off.

that's ok - the point is, you'll buy more than one new mic in your life. and really, no one mic is ever gonna "do it all". really. you gotta jump in somewhere - just remind yourself, "this is only the beginning".

i mean i'd LOVE a pair of akg 414s but who has that kind of cash laying

so save up, and start with one then. you will never regret it (once you regain consciousness) - but you won't use is on everything, all the time either. at least, not after 4 or 5 months of using it on everything all the time.

you're gonna have to be honest in your assessments every time you mic up anything - sometimes that C1000S _is_ the answer, and those pricey km184's go back into the locker.

c1000s are more in my price range so if they're what i'm after
that'd be great

trouble is, you'll only know by living with it in a variety of situations for a little while, and even then - you'll need other mics to form a basis for comparison. most mics exhibit coloration. hell, that's why you choose them! is the coloration of a given mic working for you in a given situation? can't tell you how often i break out a couple of tiny, plastic mics i have that came with original-issue mono cassette recorders (yknow, the mics with the "start/stop" switches on em?) cause they have a certain, special sound.

ok, not a very GOOD sound.... but when it's the RIGHT sound....

i'm not the first person to say this. i'm not even the best person to say it... but:

mics are just like an artists' paintbrushes. look at how a painter chooses a particular brush for a particular effect or nuance. you wouldn't see renoir use a castell camelhair pinpoint to paint the new addition on his house.

and you won't see albini do that either.

the only problems with this little example being that renoir is dead, and albini already owns every mic in the world. in matched pairs, but you get the idea.

get that collection going! start slow. keep adding. and have A GREAT TIME DOING IT!!!!!

ok! ok! i'm done!


just what the world needs....
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