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Re: --Tom Heasley CD--

At 06:08 PM 10/31/01, you wrote:
My copy of Tom Heasley's new CD on Hypnos, Where the Earth Meets The Sky, arrived today.  Had a chance to give it a listen and i highly recommend it to any ambient music fans out there.

THANK YOU, Peter, for ordering, listening and for your recommendation to the list!

I know it's been mentioned here before, but i think it's worth mentioning again.  Very
contemplative, with what sounds like quite an intuitive sense of harmony.  This is very much
a "vertical color of sound" type of record.  I had no idea the tuba was so versatile!
I know Tom's touring off and on...let us know if/when you'll be in the Boston area!

I'll be "almost everywhere" this weekend.  My 'Echoes' one-hour Feature airs this weekend.  Echoes is a PRI-syndicated show airing weekly on over 175 stations + the web, hosted by John Diliberto (I was interviewed by co-producer extraordinaire, Jeff Towne - great guy if you ever get the chance...).  http://www.echoes.org/feature.html.

I'm taking a brief 'rest' at home this week before going back out for a few concerts:

Saturday, Nov. 9, 2001
8:00 P.M.
Sonic Circuits International Festival of Electronic Music and Art
Sursum Corda
Minneapolis, MN

Monday, Nov. 12, 2001
(If I can make it to Oberlin, OH by then, I'll do Tom Lopez's radio program there - no details yet;  I'll also probably meet with Tom's composition students during that week).

Thursday, Nov. 15, 2001
Boxheart Gallery
Pittsburgh, PA
(some local ambient people are opening - not sure who yet)

Saturday, Nov. 17, 2001
8:00 P.M.
Warner Concert Hall
Oberlin Conservatory
Oberlin, OH

Bests to alls,

Tom Heasley

Tom Heasley
427 Alma St., Suite 206         Palo Alto, CA  94301
P:  650.322.3633                F:  419.831.3809