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RE: Foot pedal for Repeater

Yes that would be nice. Either a smaller unit like the EDP one to go
along side my PMC10 or a single unit with all of the PMC10's
functionality (to control all my other gear) but with a row of buttons
(metal ones I hope) specifically for the PMC10, maybe like the Line6
Vetta FBX pedal with built in expression pedals as well.


> Steve said:
> >Has anyone heard if Electrix plans on releasing a more full featured 
> >(non midi) pedal to control the Repeater like the one that 
> comes with 
> >the EDP?
> Because the CC's are all hardwired (as I recall), I would 
> think a dedicated controller for the Repeater would be in 
> order.  However, I wonder if manufacturing a full-featured 
> MIDI pedal like the PMC-10 would be worth Electrix's while.  
> I like their stuff (IVL), and think any such controller would 
> be worth whatever they sold it for.  Hey Damon, any plans? 
> Gary PS Still mastering my EDP :?