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EMUSIC Top 20 Report for August

WDIY 88.1 FM "EMUSIC" Top 20 report to
New Age Voice and CD Revolutions for August, 2001.
Shows #228 to #232; 2-August-2001 to 30-August-2001
Reported in non-ranked order.
Compiled by Bill Fox, billfox@fast.net

Alpha Wave Movement & Jim Cole - Bislama - Spectral Spiral
Dweller at the Threshold - Ouroborus - Hypnos/Binary
Paul Ellis - Into the Liquid Unknown - Hypnos/Binary
RMI - Borrowed Atoms - Centaur
RMI - Frozen North - Centaur
RMI - Knutsford in May - Centaur
RMI - Zabriskie Point - Centaur
Robert Carty - Midnight Rainbows - Deep Sky
Saul Stokes - Abstraction - Green House
Seofon - Zero Point - Hypnos/The Foundry
Spectral Voices - Coalescence - Spectral Spiral
Tacit Blue - Dreamland - tacitblue.net
Telomere - Zoetosis - Evenfall
Thom Brennan - Mist - SpaceForMusic.com
Tom Heasley - Where the Earth Meets the Sky - Hypnos
van Zyl, Gulch & Rath - The Sound Museum - Groove
Various Artists - Tracks Across the Universe - none
Victor Cerullo - Loneflyer - Groove
vidnaObmana - Soundtrack for the Aquarium - Hypnos
Wavestar - Zenith - Groove

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