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Re: Can we take a second...

At 08:51 AM 8/30/2001, Brett Maraldo wrote:
>At 07:37 PM 8/29/2001, you wrote:
>>To recognize Damon and Electrix's achievment - there hasn't been a looper
>>this exciting built since Kim started the insanity.
>sure! Damon, Electrix, well done - I think you have succeeded in creating 
>a revolutionary product. Its a looper, but it goes beyond your average 
>looper and implements a feature-set that we loopers have wanted for 
>multi-track stereo looping.

actually the thing people have asked for for years is multiple tracks of 
**different lengths**, which Repeater doesn't do. Bob Sellon's mythical 
jamman upgrade does that, as does Emmanuel Perille's DJRND2 and DJRND3. 
Emmanuel also was doing stereo and multi-track, multi-length loopers quite 
a while ago, long before Electrix. He even has patents on it.

Eventide boxes have also been used for multi-track and stereo loops for 
quite a while, and people using MSP and kyma have also done these things.

So I would say "evolutionary" perhaps. Revolutionary, no.

>I know guys that shelled out big bucks for two EDP's because they needed 
>stereo looping - this was years ago.

and in that case, you can have different lengths, with a variety of 
for syncing them to each other or having them unsynchronized, letting 
either one be the clock master for the other, etc., even letting different 
people control them. You don't have those options with any other looper.

>ps. Didn't Fripp start the insanity? (not that he was the first looper 
>he was the first to bring the technique to our attention)

Maybe for you, but definitely not for me! (I don't think I qualify as 
"starting" any insanity either. Just inciting more of it.)


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