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Re: Can we take a second...

At 07:37 PM 8/29/2001, you wrote:

>To recognize Damon and Electrix's achievment - there hasn't been a looper
>this exciting built since Kim started the insanity.

sure! Damon, Electrix, well done - I think you have succeeded in creating 
revolutionary product. Its a looper, but it goes beyond your average 
and implements a feature-set that we loopers have wanted for years: 
multi-track stereo looping. I know guys that shelled out big bucks for two 
EDP's because they needed stereo looping - this was years ago.

But this is to be expected: look at the other electrix products which are 
also revolutionary. the most striking thing to me, however, is that all 
these devices have come from a company that has led many a revolution in 
electronic music. IVL released the first MIDI guitar controlled in fact, 
way before Roland (but it flopped).

Good going and it's feels good to be a fellow Canadian! Viva la Canadien!!


ps. Didn't Fripp start the insanity? (not that he was the first looper but 
he was the first to bring the technique to our attention)