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Re: unknown "looping" device


I'm looking for a device that would let me do turntablesque scratching.  I 
kind of like to keep it cheap, as I'm not sure how much I'll actually end 
up using
it.  My wish it to take samples of my own beats (or whatever) and use them 
scratch fodder.  I've got a Korg Kaoss Pad, but that's just not doing it 
for me.

I played with a Yamaha DJXIIB and I thought it was pretty much what I 
(though I could care less about it's preset beats) though upon reading the 
supplied online, it wasn't clear if you could load your own samples into 
device, as you can load your own sequences.  You can load scratch samples 
into it
from a supplied CDROM, but the manual never said what format it was using. 
would hope it was a .wav or .aif file, but you never know.  It sure would 
suck if
it was some proprietary format, unless they supplied you with a utility 
that could
do the conversion for you.

Anyway, have any of you had experience with this box, or know of another 
box in
the $200 range that would do what I'm looking for?