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STACCATO device recommendation and more..........

Mike Killian wrote:
> I'm looking for a stomp box that will when pressed do a staccato number
> on the signal:sharp attack and cut-off, controllable rate. I have a
> number of gadgets

Hey Mike,
I just got the new Boss stomp pedal which has a stutter function like you
describe in it.  It is actually a stereo
panning tremelo (as well as incredible intelligent pitch shifting and 
whammy bar effects) but when you hook it up in mono the signal cuts out as
you pan causing a stutter.

It's called the PS-5  Supershifter and I never thought I'd see the day but
I'm actually going to replace my quirky, dirty, low fidelity, signal
degrading but beloved
Digitech Red Whammy Pitch Shifter pedal on my dayglo green pedal board (;-)
because this one does so much more, with high fidelity, for a stomp box

 There is also the same effect in the Lexicon MPX100 multi effects rack
mount (using the panning tremelo in mono again) which I am selling for the
below reasons.  I've been using that as a 'warbler' for my vocal and wind
instrument improvisations.  It works great.

BTW, I'll part with that for $150 including shipping if you are
interested........it actually has a hell of a lot of bang for the buck
(great verbs, pitch shifting, modulation effects and very high fidelity in 
one rack mount box).  That's the best $150 anybody could ever spend for 
for the buck in signal processing.

Very cool.  I'm just beginning to get into it.

yours,  Rick

P.S.  For what it's worth, Si Moorhead, the brilliant engineer/musician who
did all the recording for the Solo Bass Looping tour just demoed the 
MPX500 multi effects module:  Absolutely astonishing!!!  It does so many
really incredible things.  I have not been so impressed with an effects 
in a long time and was dismayed to hear of it's
$600 price tag.  Well, low and behold,
I just saw it in the Americian Music Supply catalogue
(www.americanmusical.com) that came yesterday on sale for
$399..........I'm not even thinking about it.
George Bush is paying for this one dammit!!!
Try it........you'll like it.