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Re: unknown "looping" device

I can only agree. The trumpetplayer in our ambient-project is using the 
D-Two, and it definitely qualifies as a live-looper.
Kim, why isn't it in the "Tools of the trade"-list?


Jon Meinild


>I recently bought a TC Electronic D-Two delay box.  Having used it for 3 
>now, I have to say it is awesome.  I think it qualifies as a looping 
>as it has 10 sec mono delay and excellent musical features, including a
>dynamic feature that works live a sidechain feature or ducker and 
>tapping", which is a tap tempo feature with which you can create 10 "tap"
>patterns and then quantize.
>on both percussion and rhythm tracks, it is so easy and so much fun.
>a friend just bought a nanolooper cartridge for his b/w gameboy and with
>that, the D-two and an MPX1 we improvised some incredible beats.
>Anthony Justman
>San Francisco California

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