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Re: Loopers-Delight-d Digest V01 #473

> What models are you  referring to?  ........ must ID. to understand.
The 2 capsules askew mics are 
Sony F-99A (dynamic microphone)
Sony ECM-99 (electret condenser)
the other mic was a Sony owned by a friend, don't remember the no. but I 
think it had 99 in it. Anyway it was very cheap & plasticy looking.

the ECM-99 is OK if you open it up and modify it, and worthwhile if you 
get it cheap ,but I've seen it on sale for over 100 second hand.

If your really on a budget get the Alem 106 tie clip (stereo)
also known as Vivanco EM216, cost you under 30 (under$60). I got this for 
stealth recording and because I didn't want to worry about my expensive 
Sennheiser on holiday. Acceptable results and plenty of bass. Great for 
ambient recordings of Turkish markets (etc. etc)

andy butler