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Re: MIDI Still?

He was probably outside in a van with a 900 mhz video transmitter.  I have 
friend who built a little battery powered one and transmitted video as he
walked around town.  There's pretty good range.


Tom Ritchford wrote:

> > A few months ago in Berkeley, California (at the Starry Plough Pub) I
> saw a
> > guy play guitar.  Next to him was a video monitor of his brother in
> New York
> > playing drums.  They were both in perfect sync as if they were in the 
> > room.
> >
> [snip]
> > How is this possible?  Even if it were a direct satellite TV broadcast
> > connection there would still be a noticeable delay - right?
> The speed of light is about 186,282 miles per second,
> so it takes at absolute minimum about 50ms to go from
> New York to LA.
> If there's a satellite, there's perhaps a few milliseconds
> more time spent switching.
> 50ms is quite noticeable.  You can play a single note
> almost that fast (drum rolls are faster than that!)
> Now, if it's the Internet, there's a LOT more delay than that.
> Plus, the delays are variable so you need to pick the
> longest possible delay to avoid cutoffs.
> 200ms is not unlikely.  Even Internet II won't
> slave much off that.  That's one-fifth of a second!
> If the drummer didn't try to listen to the guitarist,
> it'd work really well, from where you sat and
> watched the guitarist.
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