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Re: MIDI Still?

> A few months ago in Berkeley, California (at the Starry Plough Pub) I
saw a
> guy play guitar.  Next to him was a video monitor of his brother in
New York
> playing drums.  They were both in perfect sync as if they were in the 
> room.

> How is this possible?  Even if it were a direct satellite TV broadcast
> connection there would still be a noticeable delay - right?

The speed of light is about 186,282 miles per second, 
so it takes at absolute minimum about 50ms to go from
New York to LA.

If there's a satellite, there's perhaps a few milliseconds
more time spent switching.

50ms is quite noticeable.  You can play a single note
almost that fast (drum rolls are faster than that!)

Now, if it's the Internet, there's a LOT more delay than that.
Plus, the delays are variable so you need to pick the 
longest possible delay to avoid cutoffs.

200ms is not unlikely.  Even Internet II won't
slave much off that.  That's one-fifth of a second!

If the drummer didn't try to listen to the guitarist,
it'd work really well, from where you sat and
watched the guitarist.



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