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RE: First Looper Reminiscence

Hmmm. 1982, ADA 1280 digital delay. Noisy. Very. A whoppping 1.28 
seconds. But tremendous fun. My favorite experience was my first 
opportunity to inflic loopage upon unsuspecting listeners: during a 
rehearsal for Godspell, I began looping during the jam at the end of the 
1st act. The band stopped on cue, but the loop continued with horrified 
looks of "what the hell is that?" on all the performers' faces. Such 
beautiful noise was running about that I had to keep it going for a 
while. I shoulda done it in the performances, but decided to play it 
safe... (I had previously tried to convince the director to start the 
show with the signer coming down through the audience singing "prepare ye 
the way of the lord" then banging a book on his forhead, in honor of 
Monty Python and the Holy Grail. He didn't find my suggestion amusing.)

Prior to the ADA, I'd been having tons of fun with an old reel-to-reel 
(Docoder?), tape and chairs and pencils strategically placed around the 
room to keep the loop going.

Jon Durant